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Yoso - Cuisine of flavours Sarah Henke

Awarded with
one Michelin
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Tue-Sat 12-14 & 18-21 o'clock
Pets are not allowed

The Yoso

When you visit the YOSO you will come into Asia´s world of flavour to which we give our own facets. Known flavours surprise with an extraordinary combination and have a special signature next to one rewarded Michelin-Star: the one of our chef of cuisine Sarah Henke.

„Food connects persons and
makes them feel happy.“
Sarah Henke

Sarah Henke is one of Germany´s famous chefs of cuisine. She used to work at Sven Elverfeld´s restaurant “Acqua” which was rewarded with 3 Michelin-Stars. Since the opening of the YOSO she has developed her own handwriting in the Asian world of flavour. In 2016, she was Jürgen Dollase and FAS ´ favourites of the year in the category “newcomer of the year”. For her cuisine of flavour she is awarded with a Michelin-Star by the Guide Michelin since 2018.

Cuisine of Flavours

All our creations are equivalent to our four basic elements: fire, water, earth and air. In Korean YOSO. This makes harmonious meals which surprise with selected ingredients with extraordinary flavours. Different in flavour and texture and connected with the variety of Asian flavours.

If you like it hot you should keep an eye on the element fire.
The symbol water is for fish meals.
The element earth is for meat meals.
The symbol air is for vegetarian meals.

„The YOSO belongs to a new generation of creative Asian restaurants in Germany which connects the higher culinary expectations with Far Eastern flavour and relaxed-stylish atmosphere.“

„Sarah Henke takes full advantage of her freedom framework even not to oblige to a classical canon of cooking tradition.“

„Born in Korea and grown up near Göttingen, Sarah Henke is an exceptional cook who already has been to top-class destinations.“

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